Digitization is reel easy with the FILMIC EZ, designed to simplify the process of immortalizing your film collection.

What makes the EZ16 different?

No need to spend many hours preparing films before they go onto a machine. Simply take the film out of the can, and thread it onto the EZ. 

The EZ16 uses three different winding tensions and super gentle handling so even highly distressed films can be successfully digitized.

The EZ is small and light enough to be easily portable and fit comfortably on your desktop or worktable. 

Our EasyReel™ Technology uses an algorithm to control the torque motors, taking the guesswork out of revealing the reel. Just load your film and press Go!

Our AI does the heavy-lifting, analyzing your film frame-by-frame to detect damage so you can digitally triage your collection before sending it to a specialist or hosting in an online archive.

The EZ16 doesn’t need an expert operator. With minimal setup, your EZ16 will be ready to roll – and you can leave the room without worry. The EZ16 is designed to stop automatically if it senses a change in tension.

How long does this take?

With no prep time and minimal training or experience, a single EZ can digitize 6000 feet of 16mm film per day, while your staff focuses on other tasks.

Want to see the magic for yourself?

It's reel easy.


The EZ is designed to be used by interns, volunteers, or students who may have a limited knowledge of film. With minimal training and setup, miles of film can be digitized quickly, safely, and cost-effectively in-house. Sound is an integral part of the digital record and digitization with the EZ includes audio. 


Filmic’s specialized AI objectively assesses individual films, as well as your collection overall. Film Condition Reports offer a detailed look into the different areas of potential damage, including shrink, stretch, and damage from vinegar syndrome.


With the EZ, you can have a digital record that accurately represents what’s in the can. Saved in the FFMPEG format of your choosing, you now have your entire  film collection at your fingertips.


The EZ creates digital files that build historic and financial value, so your collection can be easily shared, accessed, and utilized by your community.


Finally, there is a reel easy way to digitize and share your entire film collection with the world, or just your nearest and dearest.

Time is running out...

People have been digitizing their audio-visual content for decades, and despite all that money and effort, very little has actually been digitized. Meanwhile, film collections around the world languish, deteriorating in their cans.

Without knowing what exists in these collections, we can’t know what we need to preserve. The only solution is to digitize all content, as quickly as possible, so we can find out what is out there while there is still time. 

We would not be digitizing these films if we did not have the Filmic system. It just isn't in our budget to outsource this project. We've digitized hundreds of films in the ten weeks we've had the machine.
Heidi Connor
Chief Archivist at the Ringling Museum

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