Your film collection doesn't have to be a painful subject.

There are many challenges to maintaining a motion picture analog film collection: they’re bulky and expensive to store, hard to use, and even harder to monetize. 

Digitizing those film collections has been a challenge all its own. Conventional methods are prohibitively expensive and can result in damage to your collection during shipping.

What if you could have an easy-to-use film digitization system mailed to your door? 

What if that system could be run by your intern, your librarian, or your mom?

Help is at your door.

The solution: a versatile, fast, and cost-effective system for migrating the content on those films to easily editable, easily shareable files.

Filmic’s EasyReel Technology delivers the most productive and failsafe automated ingest systems on the market today. 

We’ll even mail it to you.

Here's how easy it is:

The Filmic system means one pass,
and you're done.

EasyReel Technology is ready to:

Digitize your films quickly and carefully without onerous preparation using operators with minimal experience.

Inspect your films to objectively determine condition and highlight problems.

Create a running stream of metadata that comprehensively details the condition of every frame of film.

Produce multiple digital files in any FFMPEG format simultaneously to facilitate a modern digital content workflow.

Productivity will skyrocket.

The Filmic system and EasyReel Technology enable dramatic productivity gains over traditional film scanning.

In an 8 hour shift, one EZ16 can produce 7 hours of digitized film vs. 1.5 hours produced if done using a traditional prep-to-scan workflow, an output gain of over 450%.

A single operator can run 3 EZ16’s simultaneously, resulting in productivity gains of over 1300%.

Using conventional methods, a typical archive with a library of 5,000 30 minute films would take three technicians over 7 years to complete digitization. 

One operator running 3 EZ16’s could do the job in less than 6 months.

Filmic's digitization system and EasyReel Technology solves four major problems:

Content can be evaluated, used, and shared digitally right away.

Preparation is minimal, the Filmic system is prepared for even very damaged films to be imaged.

Analysis and objective film condition monitoring occurs during digitization.

Encoding allows for multiple quality versions to be created at the same time.