Film Inspector 16 (FI-16)

FI-16 Features:

Affordable & Efficient

Rent the FI-16 for a monthly subscription fee or purchase it outright at ¼ the price of most professional scanning devices. Get films inspected in under an hour with minimal required employee oversight.

Quick & Informative

Instantly watch and listen to the films in your collection. Simply grab a film, thread it through FI-16’s simple film path, pull up a TV and enjoy! When done, rewind the film into a tight wind with the click of a button.

Accurate & Objective

Never worry again about the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of manual film inspections with FI-16’s digital analysis system that can capture and analyze imperfections that an employee may miss.

Small & Portable

Minimize stress about creating space for a new device. FI-16 fits on a standard desk and can be easily moved from one place to another. No need to worry about power either as it works with a standard outlet.

Easy to Use

With straightforward menu options and a simple film path, anyone can quickly learn how to use FI-16. Furthermore, little oversight is needed to run the machine, leaving operators free to work on other tasks.

Mail Order

FI-16 comes to you quickly through the mail just like any other package ordered online. Just give us an address and we will get it to you quickly no matter where you are in the world!

Remote Work Friendly

Inspect films in one location and send the workprints to co-workers in other locations instantly. Pick out which films to send off for preservation from the computer at your office or the phone in your pocket.

Easy Installation & Free Support

No need to hire help to install FI-16. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in and start inspecting films. Have questions about how to use it? Call us or email us any time for support.

What FI-16 Produces

  • Camera: 2048×2448 pixels 24 bit color uncompressed photos of every frame (BMP)
    • SHA-1 checksum (.sha1)
  • Video: in the formats you choose, with synchronized optical sound
    • Media info of the video’s specifications (XML)
    • Technical log of computer vision’s cropping the overscanned photos for the videos (TXT)
    • Audio file of optical sound (WAV)
  • Inspection report with user input and computer vision analysis (HTML)
    • Inspection report with user input and computer vision analysis suitable for importing to asset manager databases (CSV)
      • User’s input (CSV)
  • Technical logs of the recording events (TXT)


  • Sprocketless. Film transport is by algorithm controlling two motors, sensing film size and velocity by motor control feedback, regulating fps speed by roller tachometer
  • Scan and inspect up to 36 fps, 1.5 times real-time. Winding preview up to 136 fps
  • The FI-16 can photograph a continuous reel of film up to 1,200 feet before clearing 900 GB internal storage to user’s external storage, that’s about 13 inches / 33 cm diameter film on a 3″ archival core
    • Focus, exposure and white balance factory-calibrated.
  • The FI-16 can wind a film up to 2,000 feet, that’s about 15 inches / 38 cm diameter film on a 3″ archival core
  • Speed: Starts at 24 fps (projection speed, sound is normal). You can slow it down, or speed it up to 30 fps. When you inspect at 36 fps, the preview window automatically closes to give more computer resources to the photography. At 42 fps and faster, you’ll see a warning if frames are missed because the internal computer can’t save high-resolution photos that fast. In winding modes, forward and rewind, you’ll see the film on screen at any speed. Speed table below: 


    • Winding tensions: 50 grams, suitable for ventilation in storage, and for inspection photography of your weakest films that may have aged-out splices, partial tears, vinegar syndrome, etc. 350 grams, for best inspection photography, and for shipping so a film won’t abrade itself. 200 grams, an alternative compromise tension for inspecting or shipping films that can’t wind at 350 grams.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: With film platters attached, the FI-16 is 33 inches / 84 cm wide and 20 inches / 50 cm deep. It fits on common tables and desks. Note that you’ll want space for your TV, keyboard and mouse.
  • Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kilos
  • 100-240V 50/60Hz power  
  • Inputs: USB keyboard & mouse, (Quick Start Guide, i.e., USB kybd/mouse)
  • Outputs: ethernet, USB storage,  (Quick Start Guide, i.e., HDMI, USB storage, ethernet)
  • Operating system: Ubuntu (Linux)
    • Remote update and live support only via Google Chrome, controlled by the user (no insecure tunnels)


  • Includes:
    • 1 FI-16 machine
    • 2 easy-on/off film platters (black anodized aluminum)
    • 2 top platters, in case a particularly wavy film needs help (clear acrylic)
      • 2  top platter locks (threaded white delryn)
      • 2 core spacers, in case you have thinner cores (clear acrylic)
    • 1 power cable