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Digitization can be reel easy.

Creating an easy, efficient way to digitize film meant developing a new paradigm, a totally different type of equipment. The EZ16 is designed to simplify every step of the digitization process and make every film collection accessible. The EZ16 features a 5MP camera, optical sound decoding, and 2TB of storage.

Focus on your film.

For those in need of higher resolution images and more visual data, a 24MP camera is available. Both cameras mount to a moveable sled to allow for a variety of film gauges. The 8TB storage update is required for the 24MP camera.

Keep it simple:
sound decoding is built right in.

Sound is an integral part of the digital record and digitization with the EZ16 includes optical sound decoding. A magnetic sound head is available to accommodate those collections that need magnetic sound decoding. 

Room to store...more.

The EZ16 comes with storage for 3000ft of scanned film, about ninety minutes of digitized content. In order to aid those larger projects or industrious individuals, we offer a storage upgrade, designed to hold days worth of scanning. The storage upgrade is required for all models that include the 24MP camera. 

The EZ16 is expected to start shipping in Q3 2022.

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