• 1,500 feet of 8mm or 16mm film is ~ 1 TB. Your total feet / 1,500 = your total storage. If you don’t keep the photographs but keep just the videos and condition reports, divide your total storage again by ~ 90 because most of the storage is photographs.
  • If you don’t know your total feet, an easy-to-install self-contained tabletop NAS offers an inexpensive way to store all you need on standard removable hard drives. You can also connect by ethernet to your existing networked storage.
  • Our products always include USB ports for immediate access to your videos and condition reports from the machine’s desktop.

Managing videos and FLI reports?

  • The EZ16’s digital output includes a variety of metadata for cataloguing and archiving.

Reliable? Maintenance?

  • No maintenance required. Clean with household products. Most parts are field-replaceable by any handyperson. One year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • COTS computer inside including Dell’s three year warranty.

Training? Support? Workflow? Security?

  • Request an online appointment with us. Training is brief, because it’s reel easy.
  • FILMIC software updates by email. FILMIC cannot see your machine online unless you let us in to see what you want us to see. 
  • Opensource software sources: Linux, ffmpeg, OpenCV, OpenGL, C++.
  • If you have questions about how an EZ16 fits into your workflows and systems, please ask!

8mm, 16mm, 35mm and more?

  • The EZ16 digitizes 8mm and 16mm film. We’re working on other models!

Image quality?

  • Photography is a complex art. EasyReel’s AI helps a lot! Cameras available in 5MP and 24MP. Camera settings and motor control are automated for the best possible photography of your films in your environment.
  • We’re working on what will be the best image quality for film ever made: Multispectral. Contact us if you’d like to get involved in this FILMIC project!

What extras do I need?

  • FILMIC products are all self-contained. All you provide are peripherals: a TV (or monitor with speakers and/or headphones) and a sturdy desk, cart or table.


  • We want mass digitization to be an option for all collections that could benefit. If you are interested in a rental, please let us know!