The first ever film inspection reporting software

Waypoint is a specialized software that processes scanned images from FI-16 or another scanning device using custom-built algorithms. By monitoring and recognizing repeating, regular patterns, Waypoint can identify anomalies and analyze defects such as shrinkage, stretch, perforation integrity and other structural issues.

Waypoint provides a comprehensive view of the film’s condition using a standardized language and metrics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on a single frame, a full reel, or even your entire collection.

With Waypoint you can assess your holdings, identify issues, and determine the time and resources required to implement a restoration strategy—all with complete confidence.

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A list of our most commonly asked questions regarding Waypoint condition reports. Don’t see what you are looking for here? Contact us below.

What is the resolution of a FI-16 workprint?

The FI-16 was created to inspect and analyze film in order to prep the film for digitization. Therefore, when building FI-16 we were less concerned about resolution and more concerned about getting a digital copy quickly while also finding flaws within the film so that archives could make decisions on what films to digitize professionally first based on film condition.